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Nanocyl S.A. is the leading global manufacturer of specialty and industrial carbon nanotube (CNTs) technologies. The company’s range of innovative CNT solutions is designed to improve the properties of conductive plastics, coatings and composites.    

Nanocyl’s NC 7000 Multi-Wall (MWCNT) powder is recognized as the most conductive carbon nanotube available today, and along with PLASTICYL conductive masterbatches, are considered the benchmarks in the industry. These cost-effective CNTs are in high demand for critical applications because they meet the most stringent requirements of OEMs for higher cleanliness, electrical conductivity, and protection from electrostatic discharge (ESD).

The automotive industry, for example, uses CNTs to produce synthetic materials used in fuel lines and pumps, and to replace costly metal parts.  The electronic packaging also uses CNTs to protect sensitive parts such as integrated circuits (IC) and hard disk drives (HDD) during fabrication and handling.

Other industries are using Nanocyl’s CNTs as well.  The aeronautic, automotive, marine and sporting goods industries are using CNTs to improve the reinforcement, durability of composite materials in advanced applications. Also, Nanocyl’s CNTs for coatings, such as flame retardants and anti-fouling release paints, are being using for performance and protection in a wide range of applications, including wire and cable, clean rooms, and ship hulls. 

In addition to a growing portfolio of CNTs, Nanocyl provides project development assistance for custom grades, product support, technical information, and optimized packaging and shipping worldwide. 

For more information about any of Nanocyl’s products, please contact Roberto Mongiovi at +32 71 750 386 or at  For technical information and project development, please contact Michael Claes at +32 71 750 684 or at   

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